QC-IIS999999BLOCKER Unknown ErrorCode
QC-IIS001002BLOCKERHTTP Request : cs-uri-stem XSS dangerous request
QC-IIS001003BLOCKERHTTP Request : cs-uri-query XSS dangerous request
QC-IIS001004BLOCKERHTTP Request : cs-user-agent XSS dangerous request
QC-IIS001005BLOCKERHTTP Request : cs-uri-query SQLInjection dangerous request
QC-IIS001026BLOCKERHTTP Request : empty user-agent
QC-IIS001028BLOCKERHTTP Request : cs-uri-stem is incorrect
QC-IIS001030BLOCKERHTTP Request : cs-uri-query is suspicious
QC-IIS001037BLOCKERHTTP Request : empty user-agent on .aspx cs-uri-stem
QC-IIS001055BLOCKERHTTP Request : excessive requests from c-ip and uri-stem
QC-IIS001056BLOCKERHTTP Request : excessive requests from c-ip
QC-IIS001057BLOCKERHTTP Request : excessive requests from uri-stem
QC-IIS001058BLOCKERHTTP Request : non UTF-8 request
QC-IIS001059BLOCKERHTTP Request : excessive requests from uri-stem and http invalid status
QC-IIS001079BLOCKERHTTP Request : excessive requests from c-ip-empty-user-agent
QC-IIS001092BLOCKERvtiger php crm simulation attack
QC-IIS001100BLOCKERASPX aspxerrorpath
QC-IIS001102BLOCKERHTTP Request : broken request sc-status is empty or sc-bytes is empty
QC-IIS001006MAJORHTTP Request : cs-username is provided
QC-IIS001007MAJORHTTP Request : abnormal user-agent
QC-IIS001008MAJORHTTP Request : time-taken too long (>100ms)
QC-IIS001009MAJORHTTP Request : time-taken too too long (>200ms)
QC-IIS001010MAJORHTTP Request : time-taken excessively too long (>20s)
QC-IIS001011MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status is provided
QC-IIS001012MAJORHTTP Request : 600>sc-status and sc-status>=500
QC-IIS001098MAJORHTTP Request : sc-status>=600
QC-IIS001013MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 64 The specified network name is no longer available
QC-IIS001014MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = d3221225581 = HC000006D User logon has incorrect user name
QC-IIS001015MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = d2148074248 = H80090308 LDAP authentication error
QC-IIS001016MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 2 The system cannot find the file specified
QC-IIS001017MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 995 The I/O operation has been aborted
QC-IIS001018MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = d3221226515 = HC0000413 Logon Failure: The machine you are logging onto is protected by an authentication firewall
QC-IIS001019MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 5 or = d -2147024891= H80070005 Access is denied
QC-IIS001020MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = d2148074252 = H8009030C LDAP authentication error
QC-IIS001021MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 3 The system cannot find the path specified
QC-IIS001022MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 4 The system cannot open the file
QC-IIS001023MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 1236 The network connection was aborted by the local system
QC-IIS001024MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 121 The semaphore time-out period has expired
QC-IIS001025MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 22 The device does not recognize the command
QC-IIS001048MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = 123 The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect
QC-IIS001052MAJORHTTP Request : sc-status=500 and sc-method=GET
QC-IIS001053MAJORHTTP Request : sc-status=500 and sc-method=POST
QC-IIS001070MAJORHTTP Request : sc-status=500 and sc-method not GET or POST
QC-IIS001071MAJORHTTP Request : sc-status=400
QC-IIS001097MAJORHTTP Request : sc-win32-status = d2148074254 = SEC_E_NO_CREDENTIALS
QC-IIS001032MINORHTTP Request : 404 and empty user-agent
QC-IIS001078MINORHTTP Request : 404 and normal user-agent
QC-IIS001034MINORHTTP Request : tentative de scan malveillant libwww-perl
QC-IIS001039MINORHTTP Request : crawler Sogou
QC-IIS001042MINORHTTP Request : crawler Emule
QC-IIS001045MINORHTTP Request : crawler Twitterbot
QC-IIS001099MINORHTTP Request : crawler Google
QC-IIS001001INFOHTTP Request : cs-method other than POST or GET or HEAD
QC-IIS001027INFOHTTP Request : cs-method is HEAD
QC-IIS999997INFOLogEntry brut
QC-IIS999998INFOMessage d'erreur brut