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Scan2Fix4Stt product

Scan2Fix4Stt product

Scan2Fix4Stt the microscope for the Stt logs on eCommerce web sites


A powerful capacity to rapidly detect defaults on Microsoft Stt frontends thanks to Scan2Fix4Stt, a configurable engine plugged to Sonar dashboard

More details

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  • analysis of Microsoft Stack Trace logs
  • autonomous reporting via static Maven reports
  • reports via Sonar dashboard
  • seek by drill down : file or violation


Integration in development and production environments

  • Sonar provides a multi views dashboard :
    • continous integration (jenkins for ex)
    • source code + unit test (Sonar and Scan2Fix 4CSharp or 4Php or 4VB6 or 4Java)
    • production supervision (IIS logs Scan2Fix4Iis, Windows Stack trace Scan2Fix4Stt)
    • web site qualityaudit (Scan2Fix4Aspx)
  • Sonar Web Server is accessible for all technical actors (developers, project managers, Web integrators, production)
  • Generation of static Html reports : standalone and publishable


Quick and simple installation

  • during the command process, provide the sonar server hostname
  • install a java jre
  • install maven 2 or 3
  • install Sonar (any version)
  • copy the plugin (the dwnload link is provided during the commande process) in SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins
  • restart the Sonar server
  • under admin / Profiles, activate all the rules in the profile "Default Iis Profile")
  • start a Iis scan and the violations appera in the Sonar dashboard)

Example of pom.xml file

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

  • <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>
  • <groupId>com.qualitesys.wsqualitychecker</groupId>
  • <artifactId>tfs_MEL_2014_11_02_iis</artifactId>
  • <version>2014_11_02_01</version>
  • <name>tfs_MEL_2014_11_02_iis</name>
  • <properties>
    • <sonar.language>iis</sonar.language>
    • <!-- Logloadroot can be a local file or , connected through user and password -->
    • <sonar.logloadroot>path_to_log_root</sonar.logloadroot>
    • <sonar.logloaduser>myuseraccount</sonar.logloaduser>
    • <sonar.logloadpwd>myuseraccountpassword</sonar.logloadpwd>
    • <!-- File pattern to retreive a selection of files YY or YYYY  for year, MM for month, DD for current day, DC for yesterday -->
    • <sonar.logloadpatern>zzzYYMMDDnnnn.log.gz</sonar.logloadpatern>
    • <!-- Patern to be ignored in the filename -->
    • <sonar.logloadignorepatern>zz;kk</sonar.logloadignorepatern>
    • <sonar.sendmailto>,</sonar.sendmailto>
    • <sonar.sendmailfrom></sonar.sendmailfrom>
  • </properties>


  • <pluginRepositories>
    • <pluginRepository>
      • <id>QualityChecker remote repository</id>
      • <url></url>
    • </pluginRepository>
  • </pluginRepositories>
  • <build>
    • <!-- COMPULSORY -->
    • <sourceDirectory>C:your_dir_to_source_code</sourceDirectory>
      • <plugins>
        • <plugin>
        • <groupId>com.qualitesys.maven.plugins</groupId>
        • <artifactId>qcr-maven-plugin</artifactId>
        • <executions>
          • <execution>
            • <id>PhaseCleanGoalqcrgoalclean</id>
              • <phase>clean</phase>
            • <goals>
              • <goal>qcrgoalclean</goal>
            • </goals>
          • </execution>
          • <executon>
            • <id>PhaseCompileGoalqcrgoalcompile</id>
            • <phase>compile</phase>
            • <goals>
              • <goal>qcrgoalcompile</goal>
            • </goals>
          • </execution>
        • </executions>
      • </plugin>
      • <plugin>
        • <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId>
        • <artifactId>maven-site-plugin</artifactId>
        • <version>3.0-beta-3</version>
        • <configuration>
          • <reportPlugins>
            • <plugin>
              • <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId
              • <artifactId>maven-project-info-reports-plugin</artifactId>
              • <version>2.2</version>
            • </plugin>
            • <plugin>
              • <groupId>com.qualitesys.maven.plugins</groupId>
              • <artifactId>qcr-maven-plugin</artifactId>
            • </plugin>
          • </reportPlugins>
        • </configuration>
      •  </plugin>
    • </plugins>
  • </build>



Example with Maven only

Nota : the plugin for Sonar is not required. Usage is limited to 5 days.

mvn clean compile site

Maven will generate the static Web site under target/site/index.html

Example with Maven and Sonar

Nota : the plugin for Sonar is not required. It is provided at the validation step of the command process or on explicit request (

mvn clean qcr:qcrgoallogload qcr:qcrgoalcompile qcr:qcrgoallogshrink qcr:qcrgoalcompile  sonar:sonar

List of violations or issues

QC-STT999999 BLOCKER Unknown ErrorCode
QC-STT000001 BLOCKER Object reference not set
QC-STT000004 BLOCKER Exception of type ... was thrown
QC-STT000006 BLOCKER Value cannot be null
QC-STT-21474 BLOCKER Exception non geree
QC-STT000012 BLOCKER Response.Redirect cannot be called in a Page callback
QC-STT000015 BLOCKER Bad Request
QC-STT000016 BLOCKER Input string was not in a correct format
QC-STT000019 BLOCKER Cannot create an object of type
QC-STT000021 BLOCKER The ID ... is already used by another control
QC-STT000022 BLOCKER Object must implement IConvertible
QC-STT000025 BLOCKER Invalid character in a Base-64 string, or Invalid length for a Base-64 char array
QC-STT000027 BLOCKER The HTTP request is unauthorized
QC-STT000029 BLOCKER Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid
QC-STT000030 BLOCKER Nullable object must have a value
QC-STT000047 BLOCKER An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response
QC-STT000053 BLOCKER A potentially dangerous Request.Cookies
QC-STT000064 BLOCKER SqlDateTime overflow
QC-STT000065 BLOCKER Les donnees de chaine ou binaires seront tronquees
QC-STT000066 BLOCKER An item with the same key has already been added
QC-STT000067 BLOCKER Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
QC-STT000072 BLOCKER System.OutOfMemoryException
QC-STT000073 BLOCKER Index was out of range
QC-STT000075 BLOCKER The server was not found or was not accessible
QC-STT000076 BLOCKER Timeout expired
QC-STT000077 BLOCKER Non-negative number required
QC-STT000081 BLOCKER Internal error or Server error
QC-STT000085 BLOCKER Erreur 404, the file xxx does not exist
QC-STT000089 BLOCKER Erreur 404, this is an invalid script resource request
QC-STT000094 BLOCKER Maximum request length exceeded
QC-STT000095 BLOCKER Padding is invalid and cannot be removed
QC-STT000107 BLOCKER A potentially dangerous Request.Form
QC-STT000108 BLOCKER A potentially dangerous Request.QueryString
QC-STT000109 BLOCKER A potentially dangerous Request.Path
QC-STT000111 BLOCKER SqlException
QC-STT000113 BLOCKER Hashtable insert failed
QC-STT000114 BLOCKER The remote server returned an error
QC-STT000115 BLOCKER A connection attempt failed
QC-STT000116 BLOCKER Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed
QC-STT000118 BLOCKER Illegal characters in path
QC-STT000119 BLOCKER Sequence contains more than one matching element
QC-STT000122 BLOCKER String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
QC-STT000123 BLOCKER Length of the data to decrypt is invalid
QC-STT000124 BLOCKER Backside Connection Failure
QC-STT000130 BLOCKER Unable to cast object
QC-STT000131 BLOCKER Index and length must refer to a location within the string
QC-STT000134 BLOCKER Unauthorized field for this service
QC-STT000137 BLOCKER Invalid URI
QC-STT000142 BLOCKER Backside Network Failure
QC-STT000168 BLOCKER Combined script file output failed unexpectedly
QC-STT000173 BLOCKER Service unknown error
QC-STT000177 BLOCKER Thread was being aborted
QC-STT000178 BLOCKER The length of the query string for this request exceeds the configured maxQueryStringLength value
QC-STT000189 BLOCKER A fault occured while processing
QC-STT000191 BLOCKER The request channel timed out
QC-STT000192 BLOCKER The length of the URL for this request exceeds the configured maxUrlLength value
QC-STT000197 BLOCKER The provided URI scheme xxx is invalid
QC-STT000199 BLOCKER Must specify valid information for parsing in the string
QC-STT000200 BLOCKER The binding at xxx does not have a configured binding
QC-STT000201 BLOCKER Fault occurred while processing
QC-STT000207 BLOCKER System.ServiceModel.FaultException
QC-STT000208 BLOCKER Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory
QC-STT000219 BLOCKER Destination array is not long enough
QC-STT000222 BLOCKER Timeout lors de l appel du service de scoring
QC-STT000223 BLOCKER The number of bytes available is inconsistent with the HTTP Content-Length header
QC-STT000224 BLOCKER A member defining the identity of the object cannot be changed
QC-STT000239 BLOCKER SqlTypeException
QC-STT000241 BLOCKER SqlException Timeout expired
QC-STT000245 BLOCKER More data was expected, but EOF was reached
QC-STT000246 BLOCKER This SqlTransaction has completed, it is no longer usable
QC-STT000277 BLOCKER Could not open a connection to SQL Server
QC-STT000002 CRITICAL Validation of viewstate MAC failed
QC-STT000003 CRITICAL The client disconnected
QC-STT000005 CRITICAL Request timed out
QC-STT000007 CRITICAL There is an error in XML document
QC-STT000008 CRITICAL The operation has timed out
QC-STT000010 CRITICAL Sequence contains no elements
QC-STT000011 CRITICAL Sequence contains no matching element
QC-STT000032 CRITICAL The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted
QC-STT000051 CRITICAL Could not connect
QC-STT000054 CRITICAL The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply
QC-STT000061 CRITICAL Invalid postback or callback argument
QC-STT000062 CRITICAL Multiple controls with the same ID
QC-STT000069 CRITICAL Additional XML content is present in the fault detail element
QC-STT000099 CRITICAL Sequence contains more than one element
QC-STT000100 CRITICAL Failed to load viewstate
QC-STT000112 CRITICAL The underlying connection was closed
QC-STT000023 MAJOR There was no endpoint listening
QC-STT000088 MAJOR The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address
QC-STT000090 MAJOR There was an error while trying to serialize parameter
QC-STT000091 MAJOR The remote name could not be resolved
QC-STT000092 MAJOR The request was canceled
QC-STT000153 MAJOR An error occurred while communicating with the remote host. The error code is 0x80070001
QC-STT000156 MAJOR Member AutoSync failure
QC-STT000157 MAJOR This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable
QC-STT000161 MAJOR The page is performing an async postback but the ScriptManager.SupportsPartialRendering property is set to false. Ensure that the property is set to true during an async postback
QC-STT000162 MAJOR Only one instance of a ScriptManager can be added to the page
QC-STT000166 MAJOR Type xx cannot be serialized
QC-STT000194 MAJOR Root element is missing
QC-STT000102 MINOR The process cannot access the file
QC-STT000244 INFO Enterprise Library rough message
QC-STT999984 INFO Microsoft SQLSERVER error informations
QC-STT999985 INFO Microsoft SQLSERVER activity informations
QC-STT999986 INFO Microsoft SVCLOG informations
QC-STT999997 INFO LogEntry brut


  • Sonar compatibility Sonar 3.0 to 4.1.2
  • Maven compatibility maven 2&3

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